17 Jun 2024

NatWest volunteers spruce up green areas

Nat West volunteers spruce up green areas 2400 x 1280

A team of volunteers from NatWest gave their time to help Hamelin clear overgrown areas of its Roots & Shoots horticultural site as well as some areas of the Gowlands site.

A fantastic job was done by all - Andy cleared unwanted foliage such as brambles and nettles from our herb sensory section while Julie and Emily removed weeds around the polytunnels and cleared the strawberry patch alongside Wendy from Hamelin. We now have clear areas for tomatoes and other crops!

Also thanks to Paul who worked equally as hard alongside our volunteer gardener, Nigel, clearing overgrown areas of our Gowlands site and removing unwanted bamboo and brambles. The area is now much nicer - there is now a beautiful area where people can enjoy the sunshine (if we get any that is!) It also means we’re a big step closer to creating a tranquil garden area for Gowlands guests to enjoy during their stay with us.

Special thanks also goes out to two of the people we support – Matthew and Matthew for helping throughout the day, as well as Martyn, our maintenance manager for supervising the works.

Volunteer Manager, Julie Atkinson said: “We are extremely privileged to have the support of volunteers who help us make a difference to the lives of the autistic adults and people with learning disabilities we support. Thank you to each and every one of you.”